We help staff become more entrepreneurial

We give teaching staff and senior leaders the tools they need, to become more enterprising in their role, and in the classroom.

The Hot500 Enterprise Leadership Programme

We provide a Modular Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme for senior leaders, teachers and lecturers. Can be delivered as HALF-DAY, FULL DAY or TERMLY SESSIONS!

Staff Development CPD Workshops

We provide a wide range of interactive workshops for teachers, from How To Inspire The Uninspired, to Creating A School Start Up and more! We can deliver an HOUR, HALF-DAY and FULL DAY sessions!

The GradPreneur Programme

This programme is designed to help graduates develop the intrapreneurial skills that employers are looking for! This programme can be integrated into your graduate recruitment scheme programmes and tailored to your bespoke needs!

 Why work with us?

Why work with us?

Employers need more entrepreneurial and innovative workforces. This means that the world of education, must also become more enterprising in how it develops young people. As educators, you are an essential part of this process, and we are here to help. Founded on over 15 years of practical, real-life knowledge of business, we can help you to combine your teaching expertise with the latest enterprise skills, to add value to all your stakeholders.

Who we are

Over 20 years experience in business and education
Joel Blake OBE
Joel Blake OBE
Lead Consultant - 15 years working with education, 12 year business owner. Awarded OBE for Services to Business Support and Enterprise
Jas Rohel
Jas Rohel
Head of Academic Partnerships - 10 years in Education and Lecturer and BDM. Also Founder of National Education Awards


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